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We’re Brisbane’s most friendly yet professional residential & commercial Solar Panel installers.

We’re Brisbane’s most friendly yet professional residential & commercial Solar Panel installers.

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What’s the one thing our Sunshine State of Queensland is so abundantly blessed with? You guessed it – sunshine! And it was about time we put it to the best use. Yes, we’re talking about the blessing that is solar energy.

It’s here, it’s efficient, it’s just a click away from you. So go green and do your bit for our Mother Earth. Or as we like to call it – Go Solar. More than just saving the planet (which is super cool!), maybe let your wallet relax a bit too. One time installation saves you a lifetime of electricity bills. It’s like your own little generator – though with none of the noise or pollution! So what are you waiting for?

Why Brisbane Solar Needs?

We’re The Solar Specialists

We’ve been providing solar solutions to the residents of Brisbane for years. All you have to do is trust our expertise to help you choose the systems best suited for you. We vow to provide you with nothing but the best.


You don’t have to go anywhere. Our professionals will come to your home and do a detailed check where you can brief them on what and how you want things to be done. And then just sit back and enjoy a personalised installation.

We Help You Save In The Long Run

With such efficient and cost-effective solar panels for your home and commercial needs, we’re helping your wallet in the long run, really. Our variety of offers and quotes will help you choose the very best for you and rid you of a lifetime of bills.


Our excellent skilled professionals work hard to assist you at every step of the process. Be it guiding you through the systems and their functions, or helping you chose the one for you. Then there is the customised installation. And that’s not where it ends! We stay in touch to let you know of the best deals and of course, to be the first ones by your side if something goes wrong.

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Just ping us and we’ll send a free quote your way to help you understand better. That’s what we’re here for, after all.

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Our Network Of Professionals

We’re happy to let you know that we have our own network of electricians spread across the city of Brisbane to help you out at any given moment. An issue with the systems? Something you can’t figure out? Just ring us up and let us know your location. We’ll be there in no time.



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