5kw Solar System Prices & Packages in Brisbane

A value for money Solar System for all your daily needs

One of the most popular Solar System choices in Australia, a 5kw System is simply perfect for the small and nuclear families here! Comprising of about 15-20 panels, it will take up about 30-35 meter square of space on your roof. High energy yields in the sunshine state that we live in and a superb value for money make it so popular in its range. You cannot go wrong with this one!

Is it for you?

Let it never be said that the 5kw solar systems are too small to support anything more than a few rooms. While, yes, they are great for small families, typically including not more than 4 members, they are just as capable of powering small businesses. So whether you are a simple, sweet family or a budding business owner, now you can say goodbye to your electricity woes forever.

Why Choose A BrisbaneSolarNeeds 5kw Solar System?

BrisbaneSolarNeeds offers a personalised experience to its customers first and foremost. Get in touch with us and tell us how you want your solar system set up at your home or work. And kick back while our experts install the system at your place. Nothing more, nothing less.

Professional support in something like your home needs is not what everyone can offer. Thankfully, we do. You don’t have to rack your brains to decide what product of ours fits your bill, leave that to our professionals. Trust them to do the best job for you because that’s kind of their thing!

Solar maintenance is another headache that we take care of for you. We know how tiresome keeping up with the maintenance is and just downright frightening a slight hiccup can feel. But we’ve got you covered. Just ring us up and we’ll be there to sort it all out for you.

We deliver the best deals and offers on Solar Systems to you – to help you choose better and keep you in the loop on all things you need to know. Our business has been built on the foundation of customer trust and satisfaction and we wish to continue with the same by helping you save in the long run.


Check out our amazing prices and decide for yourself! (Note: there will be a list of prices below)


We truly care about our customers’ needs and know that everyone cannot be painted in the same color. Hence, different deals for different needs. Check them out. (Note: there will be a list of prices below)


What our fans say

“I’ve been a bit skeptic about a 5kw solar panel since my friend in the other part of the town hasn’t had much luck with his. But the one from Brisbane Solar Needs has been absolutely fantastic for my family of 3.”

Chloe G

“I can assure you that you will not be left hanging. The 5kw solar panel from BrisbaneSolarNeeds worked well to support my small business. I’m honestly so happy that I don’t have to worry about electricity bills anymore.”

Jacob M