6kw Solar System Prices & Packages in Brisbane

For the fulfilled families of Australia!

6kw Solar Systems will soon be a common sight on Australian rooftops. Owe it to the blessed sunshine the country receives, the steady rise of the solar industry or the amazing yields on energy solar systems bring with them – they are simply the way to go when it comes to efficient and sustainable energy consumption.

Solar Systems are the need of the hour with soaring electricity bills and the horrendous effects brought about by the traditional means of electricity generation. And solar panels of 6kw are a very popular choice for Australian families right now. The question is…

Is it for you?

A 6kw Solar System comprises of no more than 24 panels and takes up about 40 square metres of your roof. Its power output is somewhere around 24 kw per day – which is more than sufficient for most Australian households. It can easily support medium to large families and should prove to be a great fit for small business establishments as well.

Why Choose A BrisbaneSolarNeeds 6kw Solar System?

While payback periods for 6kw Solar Systems are somewhere around 5 years, it really depends upon the kind of installation and maintenance a system gets. This is where our expertise comes in handy, as our expert services guarantee you a shorter payback period!

It is important for us that you save as much as you can when you’re making such important investments. Hence, we offer you a choice in the inverter you get along with your 6kw Solar System. You can either have a regular 6kw inverter or a 5kw inverter – whichever fits your needs and budget, of course.

You know it will be a home installation if it’s a solar panel for your home – but what’s great with BrisbaneSolarNeeds is that you don’t have to bother with anything at all once you’ve pinged us. We’ll take care of everything from then on.

We don’t leave you hanging after the installation either. We tirelessly take care of the maintenance of the solar system. Regular checkups or unannounced hiccups? We handle everything with our efficient team of professionals spread across Brisbane.


Take a look at these prices and decide for yourself! (Note: there will be a list of prices below)


Different deals for different needs, lads! We understand that families have different needs even if they are the same size. So we’ve got packages tailor-made for you! (Note: there will be a list of prices below).


What our fans say

“I don’t know why I didn’t get this before. A solar system is so efficient and saves me so much money. More than the money, it’s the headache of paying bills on time that BrisbaneSolarNeeds has relieved me of.”

Sophia H

“One of the biggest factors that stop someone from making an investment are the slow returns. But when you get a payback period defined and detailed – what’s the hold up? These folks are trustworthy and efficient. Thumbs up!”

Mitchell M