Jinko Solar Panels

The largest solar panel manufacturers in the world are now in the city of Brisbane and on offer are their world class products and services.

The Best In Business Is In Town

The largest solar panel manufacturers in the world are now in the city of Brisbane and on offer are their world class products and services. With a residential customer base in China, Jinko Solar has established itself well in the global market with no less than 15 overseas subsidaries. Australia has also been one of their markets since 2012. If you’re in Brisbane and looking to fulfill some solar needs for your home or office, it doesn’t get better than this.

Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar offers a wide range of Solar Panels for your home. With 7 different types of systems to choose from, you’ll have ample choice in deciding what’s best for you. The Eagle series by Jinko has been a popular choice amongst consumers because of their reliability and excellent performance. You – or rather your home – is in safe hands when you trust Jinko.

Why Trust BrisbaneSolarNeeds?

BrisbaneSolarNeeds delivers the authenticity of Jinko Solar right at your home. We bring you the best deals directly from the manufacturers – so you save even more. Going solar shouldn’t be so heavy on your wallet, after all.

An International brand doesn’t feel so out of reach when you’ve got your trusted local professionals at your home doing the job for you. You don’t have to go anywhere – leave it all to us. Ring us up and let us know what you need done – and we’ll be right there for you.

The durability of your system depends on how well it is put in your home and how much attention you pay on its maintenance. With us on the job, you don’t have to worry about that as well. We take care of everything from regular maintenance to unfortunate mishaps (should they arise).

Do you know the best thing about an international brand being distributed by your local folks? It’s you, as a customer, getting to enjoy the best of both worlds. International quality wrapped with the trust of your friendly neighbourhood suppliers – what more could you want!


Don’t believe us? Check out the prices and see for yourself how affordable we make it for you! (Note: there will be a list of prices below)


With their exclusive range of products and services, it makes sense to have some all-exclusive packages for the wonderful people of Brisbane as well. Have a look: (Note: there will be a list of prices below)


What the fans say

“Jinko Solar is what I’d been using back at my home in Bulgaria. So when it came to establishing business in Australia, I knew what would take care of all my electricity needs here as well. BrisbaneSolarNeeds just made it cheaper and faster for me.”

Victorie K

“I’ve been meaning to get a solar panel installed at my home for quite some time now. And Jinko Solar seems to be everyone’s favourite. I searched a bit and found them on BrisbaneSolarNeeds. It’s so great – a reliable brand with reliable local services to give me my value for money.”

Nathan D