Q-Cells Solar Panels

South Korean solar panel manufacturers Q-Cells are the leaders in the Solar Industry. Their fight against global warming and active participation

Their Excellence, Our Trust

South Korean solar panel manufacturers Q-Cells are the leaders in the Solar Industry. Their fight against global warming and active participation to bring about a change with their world-class solar panels is admirable indeed. As they spread their roots in Australia and the sunshine-loving town of Brisbane, don’t miss out this golden chance to get your hands on their stellar product and services.

Q-Cells Solar Panels

With their very own and exclusive Q.ANTUM Technology powering up their solar panels, you can be sure of nothing but the best quality! Q-Cells Solar Panels make the best of whether conditions to keep themselves charged all through the day even on rough weathers. So you get the best yields and value for your money. Just choose from an all exclusive range of ultra-resourceful solar panels that match your home needs. And the rest – well, leave that to BrisbaneSolarNees.

Why Trust BrisbaneSolarNeeds?

Because we give you the international quality gift-wrapped in local trust. We’re you’re friendly neighbourhood solar panel installers who have your back for anything and everything you may need. And they are the world-class manufacturers who have been making some extra-ordinary products since 1999. How could you go wrong here?

You’re already making a terrific investment by going solar as Q-Cells promise the shortest payback period on their panels. BrisbaneSolarNeeds brings to you some great affordable deals that help you save even more in the long run. It’s a win-win situation!

We also take care of the home installation on the solar panels – so that you enjoy a hassle-free service with trusted professionals. And if anything goes wrong afterwards, just ring us up and we’ll be at your doorstep.

We’re the ones who deliver on their promise of the shortest payback period on your solar panels. Payback periods really depend on installation and maintenance of the panel thereafter. And with us at the helm, you can rest assured that your solar panel is in safe hands. All the maintenance headaches are ours from now on.


We believe in showing our love for you instead of bragging about it. Check out the discounted prices yourself! (Note: there will be a list of prices below)


Q-Cells leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the needs of its customers. Take a look at these exclusive packages to know what fits your bill: (Note: there will be a list of prices below)


What The Fans Say

“I’ve been looking for a reliable brand to get some solar installers for my office that I’m just starting with. I came across Q-Cells that were being distributed by BrisbaneSolarNeeds. Who doesn’t like some good discounts with international products? So I went for it!”

Jeremy K

“I’ve been meaning to get a solar panel installed at my home for quite some time now. And Jinko Solar seems to be everyone’s favourite. I searched a bit and found them on BrisbaneSolarNeeds. It’s so great – a reliable brand with reliable local services to give me my value for money.”

Nathan D