SMA Solar Inverters

SMA Technologies has been a pioneer of renewable energy development with multiple awards to its name.

The Best of German Technology In Brisbane

SMA Technologies has been a pioneer of renewable energy development with multiple awards to its name. Headquartered in Germany, the solar inverter manufacturers are well established with business in as many as 19 countries. They are now in Australia with their solar inverters to help you get one step closer to self-sustenance.

SMA Solar Inverters

Be it pairing up with your brand new solar panel or independent grid connections that need back up, the SMA inverters are all about being the right fit for every application of your home. Their wide variety of both string and central inverters is sure to find you suitable match for your home needs. Every inverter has its unique properties and usability – presented to you in just as affordable prices, thanks to BrisbaneSolarNeeds.

Why Trust BrisbaneSolarNeeds?

Who wouldn’t want some amazing international products at local prices? Surely, you would. And we deliver it to you. German excellence delivered at your doorstep in Brisbane via BrisbaneSolarNeeds. You can trust us with the products, call us whenever you need to and rely on our services.

But what does it all mean for you? Well, it means you receive top deals and packages straight from the manufacturers. Going Solar shouldn’t be a burden on your wallet and we help you save in the long run. Not to mention the exclusive and authentic quality of the products you receive.

BrisbaneSolarNeeds also takes care of installation and maintenance of your inverters. All you have to do is choose a product of your choice and leave the rest to us. The inspection prior to fitting, the installation, the maintenance – leave that all up to us. Though we would absolutely appreciate your inputs on how you want things done.

You don’t have to worry about the overseas brand going AWOL once they’ve got your money. Your trusted local professionals are still here with reliable solutions for all your requirements. Mishaps are unfortunate and we’d never want you to suffer any – which is why we keep a network of professionals spread around the city to reach you in no time once you call us.


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Take your time and figure out what works for you. These packages will help you with it. And don’t hesitate to consult us if you stumble. (Note: there will be a list of prices below)


What The Fans Say

“I can’t really afford to have a full-fledged solar system at my home right now. But I do wish to go solar. So starting with an inverter for the small panel at the office seemed like a good idea. The SME inverter I got has been doing great for the past 4 months.”

Natalie O

“I would definitely recommend these guys. BrisbaneSolarNeeds suggested an SME Inverter for my solar panel and took care of all the installation and maintenance. Both work so great together.”

Damien M